*** PROJECT REJUVENATION *** Committee Members WANTED!


What do you think about history?

  • History is a happening thing.  An awful lot of it is in the past but History is in the making all around us and there is an unimaginable amount of it still waiting to be made in the future.
  • Why bother with it at all? It is just so tedious. So boring. What’s gone is gone. It’s of no use thinking about it. Let it gather dust and forget about it. It can’t tell us anything about today, can it? A field is a field isn’t it- that’s obvious, probably growing the same old stuff forever.
  • How did people live here? There’s roads and houses and pubs and yes a few big houses where rich people lived. I don’t know how they got so rich, there wasn’t much to make money at immediately round here, was there? Did they make stuff round here? Did they? What right here? Honestly do you know? And why are there so many pubs strung out along the main road? I suppose its because people like drinking beer.
  • I bet nobody famous ever bothered with this place, even a long time ago. Yes …..Like who? Like Charles Darwin- he was always sailing round the world wasn’t he. He didn’t know anybody in this village, I’m sure. And chocolate-that’s people in Birmingham did all that. What would they do here?
  • You’re kidding – Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plotters! No they never galloped through here- no too busy trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament down in London. You’ll be saying they went to Stourbridge next!  I’ve never heard of famous engineers, and inventors, and fast car drivers here abouts – not to mention best selling writers and poets and singers and such, coming for their holidays. It’s a joke.
  • How do you think you know all this stuff- read it on bits of paper? Bet you didn’t find it on line did you.You can find out a heap of things on line, if you know how. I find stuff on my smart phone- ask it a question and up pops the answer. It’s that easy Do you know how to blog? Not blag- blog? I bet I can do lots of stuff easier than you and quicker.
  • The Crunch Question
  • Course I spend time in the gym. I can run and jump and cycle. I play tennis – football, cricket ……Yeah stacking chairs is a doddle for me …got good muscle tone see. How’s me washing up? Well with a dish washer I’m good. You’ll be asking me if I can make a cup of tea next. I’m better at coffee.. What is this some kind of job interview. You after my CV. No, just some enthusiasm to explore local history! Energy and ideas!! Me? Takes the biscuit that does…. Think about it? Me go on Clent History Society Committee….. I’d need to know more and think about it more- I’m always pretty busy….I might find I actually enjoy it ….digging into history!! Putting the pieces together, building up an archive? Letters, pictures .maps…writing about it? Talking to people… Mmmm I’m not sure but……

We are gradually hoping to rejuvenate our committee by bringing in new members. Perhaps you already come along to meetings, perhaps not. It doesn’t matter if you think you might like to know more about being part of our committee with its chance to research history around us as well as the more mundane tasks we occasionally do we would love to hear from you.

Contact us through the website or through speaking to individual committee members if that’s easier.

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