Meetings and Events for 2023

18th May – [Talk] The Worthies of Clent

14th June – [Visit] Avoncroft Museum

7th September – [Visit] Stourbridge Glass Museum

21st September – [Talk] Witches in Worcestershire

7th December – [Talk] Christmas Past to Christmas Present

Membership update:

We have recently made some changes in membership fees.

Individual Annual membership is £15.
Family Annual membership is offered at £25.

Members enjoy free admission to our meetings and talks in Clent Parish Hall. Membership is encouraged although not required and non-members are welcome to all of our events for a small fee.


18th May (Thursday) – THE WORTHIES OF CLENT

8pm start – Doors open at  7pm   Clent Parish Hall,

Instead of hearing about Worthies from the whole county of Worcestershire we will instead be taking a look at Worthies from round about here – THE WORTHIES OF CLENT. Our “guest” speaker is Chairman of Clent History Society – Paul Timmins. A talk to look forward to.

[*Note: that we have needed to change the talk and speaker we had previously planned for this date.]

21st September (Thursday) – WITCHES IN WORCESTERSHIRE

8pm start – Doors open at 7pm – Clent Parish Hall

Doug Smith will lead us through the tangled web of the origins of witchcraft in Britain to its climax in the seventeenth century, with a particular focus on WITCHES IN WORCESTERSHIRE.


8pm start –  Doors open at 7pm – Clent Parish Hall

Mary Bodfish will present us with another of her entertaining talks, this time on the history of Christmas.


This summer we have arranged two outings for members and guests of Clent History Society.

Both trips take us to very local places which we may never have previously visited or perhaps not visited for a number of years.  Time to rediscover more of our local history.

Once again we will drive ourselves to each venue and would encourage the sharing of lifts rather than booking coaches.

14th June (Wednesday) – AVONCROFT

AVONCROFT – The  Outdoor Museum in Bromsgrove is our first destination. The museum offers some wonderfully restored buildings, including a windmill that can be climbed up and into. One of my favourites is a lovely timbered building which lived most of its life in Shrewsbury and now looks so at home in Bromsgrove; a building feeling so comfortable with itself that visitors are now invited in to enjoy their cups of coffee and tea and to be tempted by its cakes (I’m assured the cakes are of a more recent vintage). Little visitors are tempted in to find ice creams (and some big visitors too.)

There are so many attractions on the site, better not to list them all, best if you discover them for yourselves with the help of our guide.

Avoncroft – Wednesday 14th June – a daytime visit.

£14 per person.
£12 Concessions for over 65s

7th September (Thursday) – Stourbridge Glass Museum and Red House Cone

Discover the history of glass making in Stourbridge on a visit to Stourbridge Glass Museum and the Red House Cone on Thursday 7th September 2023, also a daytime trip. These two are real gems which give us such good insight into the glass industry as it was and with some stunning examples of modern glass.

Cost is £4-00 per person which we can pay individually on arrival.

Both museums are practically on our door step so please make your own way there. Once again lift sharing is encouraged and please let committee members know if you would like to lift share.

If anyone plans to walk or cycle, we can perhaps arrange to wave a flag when you arrive!

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