We’ll Meet Again Sometime Zoom 11/11/2020

Apologies for the title, playing with Vera Lynn’s much loved WW2 song  is inexcusable but it just popped into my head.

During these times of restricted movement and the current curtailing of social mingling deemed necessary to curb the spread of Covid 19, we can at least meet remotely thanks to modern technologies such as Zoom. The talks we had planned to feature this year have not been possible and it looks uncertain at present when exactly we can go back to our meetings in Clent Parish Hall.

Faced with the same problem Chaddesley Corbett and Belbroughton History Societies got together to hold Zoom meetings featuring guest speakers. These meetings have been a very popular and enjoyable way of plugging a historic gap. Clent History Society has accepted an invitation  to join them and discussions will shortly take place to plan a series of  Zoom talks for spring. Details will posted when we have them.

No need to wait until spring….. If you would like to take part in the latest free Zoom please contact belbroughtonhistory@gmail.com

These talks are open to non-members.


Wednesday 18th November. 7.30pm
Speaker-  MAX KEEN

Was Edward really a great king, or one of a long line of medieval butchers masquerading as a king?
What exactly happened when he turned his attention to the Scots, to earn his epitaph Malleus Scottorum –Hammer of Scot?
Or was he simply one of the greatest medieval monarchs?

Zoom in and make up your own mind.

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