25th September – “The History of Kidderminster Hospital and the Three Doctors Stretton” – Nigel Gilbert

You may be aware that in  recent years an attempt to close Kidderminster Hospital, the local hospital for many in this area,  was successfully fought under the leadership of Doctor Taylor who later became an MP. I’ve only just discovered that the battle for Kidderminster Hospital  has been going on for much longer and now I am very much looking forward to meeting Nigel Gilbert, a local historian and author, and hearing much more abouit ‘the history of Kidderminster Hospital and the Three Doctors Stretton” The three Drs Stretton. were at Kidderminster from 1831-1920 -Samuel; 1860-1943- Lionel, and 1888-1952. (Hopefully not working all the time during those dates!)

Do come along and find out more . Everyone welcome.

Admission £2.50 non-members (tea, coffee etc included)

Phone Carole for more information. 01562 885759


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