Help Needed: Clent and The First World War

It may seem a long way off to November 2014 but at Clent History Society we are already looking ahead as next years Archive Open Day will coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War.

We are seeking your help as we hope to record information about Clent men who served in the First World War and also the women and families who supported them. We are planning a special display, as part of the 2014 Archive Open Day, which will focus on the contributions local people made to the war.

Do you have any information or memorabilia you are able to share with us relating to this topic? We would be very glad to hear from you as sadly the Parish Magazines which cover the period 1907 to 1934 were not preserved and we have lost a valuable source of information regarding this period of our history.

Please contact us via the website if you can help us.

Poppy Flowers

Poppy Flowers

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