Clent Village Phone box

Clent village has three public telephone boxes in the Village. They are of the K6 design and have the St. Edwards Crown motif – the Coronation Crown of Queen Elizabeth 2nd. The K6 were introduced in 1936 so it is likely that that is when Clent had it’s first public telephone box.

Clents restored phone box

Jack and Sam select a book to read

Despite lasting nealry 80 years, technology moves on and with the emergence of the mobile phone, the traditional Red public phone box is in danger of becoming extinct! This is when Clent History Society decided to adopt one of our phone boxes and bring it back to its former glory, so Clent History Society’s chairman Paul Timmins took on the project. Now Clent has a newley renovated K6, Red Phone box in Holy Cross, but with a slight twist… It has a union jack flag painted onto the exterior rooftop. The St. Georges flag part of the union flag was painted on 23rd April 2012. By pure coincidence (honestly), this was of course St George’s Day! The rest of the flag was added soon afterwards. The Union Jack design really fitted in with Clent’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations as the whole Village came alive with bunting.

We decided as a committee that a Book Exchange library would be a good idea for the interior of the box and it is well managed by two dedicated members of our committee, Buff and Pat.  We also have a village walks book inside so visiting walkers can collect a map of a predefined route and mileage etc. When completed, it can be returned back to its folder for someone else to enjoy. This idea was introduced by newcomers to the village, Carole and Colin Hawkins, well done both of you, we need more people like you.

Like most 76 year olds after a year of Jubilee celebration, the phone box stands with a slight lean. This was discovered whilst installing the shelving and, after much head scratching, it soon became clear that it was the phone box that was at fault and not the shelving!

There is another addition we will be making to the phone box but, as the old saying goes, you will have to watch this space.

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