The Village of Clent will be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, from Friday 1st June – Monday 4th June.

We will be there. Will you?

* You can find Clent History Society taking part in the Flower Display at St Leonard’s Church (Sat 2nd June. 11am – 4pm and Sun 3rd June 2pm-4pm)

* Visit our special display which highlights past Royal Celebrations in the village of Clent. Might you recognise yourself among the photographs, or a relative or friend? (Follow the stream at Elsie Partington Way, opposite the church. We are in the small marquee outside the Old Junior School and School Master’s house. (Sat 11am  -4pm)

Not old enough to be on the old photos? Make sure you arrive in time for the new Parish Photograph to be taken on Sunday at 11.15am – St Leonard’s Church.

A chain of beacons will be lighted around the country on Monday 4th June. Ours is timed  for 10.30pm – Walton Hill. Join in with this traditional way of celebrating – Queen Victoria and King George VI were honoured by the lighting of beacons on the Clent Hills.

There are many other events too. Check village noticeboards and parish website for more details.

Unfortunately, Friday night’s Royal Themed Fundraising Party, for the upkeep of the Village Hall is sold out already.

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