Pauper Prisons – Pauper Palaces. Poor Law update

There was considerable interest in the possible extension of the project we have been involved in to catalogue the amazing correspondence between the Poor Law Commission and our local union (Bromsgrove).  In the first project we were able to cover the years to 1842, but there are a further 8 hefty volumes that no doubt contain the same insight into the lives of the poor; life in the workhouse, health and the work of the medical officers, maladministration, corruption and so much more.

Paul Carter of the National Archives and National Local History Association addressed a meeting of possible volunteers.  He is to make a bid for funding for the Midlands area very shortly and will be able to say that he has, not only his past team, but, some new and very willing volunteers.  This is the first area to be considered for an extension to the earlier project and, for us in this area, we are hugley favoured as one of the other unions involved is Kidderminster, giving us a good geographical spread.  Clent was in the Bromsgrove Union but, if you are tracing family history, the opportunity to explore both unions might be valuable.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the bid.

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