Clent Pub Quiz 2019

Can you name…….

1 A pub that still has its own skittle alley?

2 A pub that once was a water mill?

3 A pub standing at a crossroads that was in Medieval times part of the busy northbound route on the Droitwich

4 A pub where a man stopped chopping and moved towards entente cordiale?

5 A tiny pub that once shared space with a busy village shop?

6 A pub that stood at the entrance to St Leonard’s Church?

7 A one time pub famous for its garden full of swinging boats?

8 A pub with a name which could translate to grumpy keys?
* Bonus question – Where was the above situated?

9 Which pub, high on the hill, stands close to the donkey ring?

10 How many of these pubs can you find in Clent today?

Watch the website for some answers in a forthcoming article.

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