2016 Programme Update

Ian Bott to the Rescue.

It was anticipated that our speaker for 24th March might not be available to give the advertised talk on Zeppelin raids in the Black Country.  Ian Bott was invited as a replacement speaker and very fortunately for us Ian had his very own talk on Zeppelins already planned and was happy to help us out. With Ian we knew we were in capable hands and once more we enjoyed a talk from him that combined fascinating research, faultless delivery, humour and a huge amount of enthusiasm for his subject along with some wonderful illustrative material. Look out for Ian Bott’s book on Zeppelins.

A big thank you once again to Ian.

Next Open Meeting.

Thursday 26th May 8pm.  Come early and check out our books and displays. Find time to pass on email details at the door and the society can let you know what is happening in future.

Max Keen – The English Civil War.

Max Keen in action is not to be missed. Having seen and heard him at Belbroughton on a very different subject I would encourage you to come along. I understand Max favours a flamboyant code of dress for his Clent talk which may hint which side he will shouting for. I may be wrong of course. Perhaps he will be out to confound us and get us to look at both sides of the argument.

You can make your own decisions about the rights and wrongs of both sides later over coffee/tea and biscuits. You may be influenced by any strong allegiance you feel towards Bromsgrove  or Worcester……..


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