Thursday 29th October – The Portland Vase

Join us for our last meeting of 2015!

If you think you know the answer to the question “What did the Romans ever do for us?” ..…..You do? …….Yes, you  know about their-straight roads, towns built in strategic spots; an enormous east/west wall to stop the Picts from moving south. Maybe you could also mention, bridges and aqueducts, the introduction of regular hot baths, for some, You may even score points for remembering under floor heating….. …but that’s all heavy engineering sort of stuff. What of the finer life-enriching things did we get from them?

Come along to Clent Parish Hall, Church Ave, DY9 9QT , for 8pm and you’ll find out how the clever socks Romans not only created durable glass for day to day use but also some of the loveliest glass vases ever seen. The Portland Vase was a magnificent example of Roman artistry and skill.

Ian Dury and Terri Louise Colledge are our speakers. Exceptionally skilled themselves they can be found creating their own beautiful glass objects at The Glasshouse /Ruskin College, Amblecote, Stourbridge. DY8 4HF. Ian Dury is  Heritage Officer of the Webb Corbett Visitor Centre  which is part of the same site and well worth a visit. – Between them they will tell us just what happened  to the famous  Portland Vase, an exhibit at The British Museum and how, in 2012, Ian  co -ordinated the project  which undertook the challenge to recreate The Portland Vase, as part of a 4oo year celebration of glass making in Stourbridge. Terri carried out the meticulous work over very many hours. They hoped that their endeavors would allow a new generation  a chance to understand and marvel at this  fine glass wonder of the Roman world.

It will be an illustrated talk. Visitors are very welcome. Small entrance charge which includes refreshment.

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