27th March – Beer, Bets and Bullbaiting – Mary Bodfish

We welcome Mary Bodfish as our first speaker for 2014.

Mary has close links with Smethwick Local History Society  and with other societies within the Black Country and has given talks on a variety of subjects. Her illustrated talk on Beer, Bets and Bullbaiting  sounds most intriguing. Mary says that the 1820s were rough, tough times and that, not surprisingly some of our forebears  enjoyed their leisure times in an equally rough and tough manner. A day’s holiday enjoyed at a local wake or fair could easily become a day of heavy drinking and flying fists, with  rash wagers being placed on the winning merits of a variety of animals which were set against each other to race along tracks or in rings where they were encouraged to fight to a bloody end.

We live in better, more civilised ,times today, thankfully. We know better, don’t we?……..


Meeting begins at 8pmClent Parish Hall, Church Ave.

Admission £2.50. (includes refreshments)

New members and visitors welcome.

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