New book by Dr. Peter Bloore – Who Lived in Clent in 1901

Dr. Peter Bloore has for many years been a loyal member of Clent History Society. He is the society’s acknowledged expert on all things relating to the two Methodist chapels which could at one time have been seen in the village. The second chapel situated on the Bromsgrove Road, at the Hagley end of  Clent, has for a  number of years been lived in as a  private  house. Even though it has been extended recently it is still quite easily recognised as a chapel. Peter has also written and spoken about  John Thomas, who left Clent to work as a missionary in Tonga – There is a  reference to John Thomas in an early Clent Clarion, Number 19  Thomas of Tonga.  Check with Peter about his own written accounts.

In April 2013 Peter published – Who Lived in Clent in 1901.  This new book is proving very popular. All the original copies  sold through the History Society sold out very quickly. Luckily we have got hold of more. At only £5 the book is a ‘must have‘ for anyone even remotely interested in who lived where in Clent; where did they come from and what did they do by way of occupation?  Peter’s book answers so many of these questions.

Who Lived in Clent in 1901 – has grown out of Peter’s interest in the 1901 Census returns which were made public after 2001. Deciphering the faint handwriting of the various returning officers is no easy task but Peter was not put off by this and what has resulted is a wonderfully clear, very readable breakdown of all the information contained in that census plus additional information relating to well known figures of the time and well known buildings.

You may start by looking up your own house or family which is thrilling enough but it is likely that you will want to read on until you’ve got a virtual 1901 village in your head full of real people going to work and to school, calling into the pub, scrubbing up for church on Sundays. It can be quite addictive.

Who Lived in Clent in 1901 is available for £5 from Clent History Society. Contact Us to order.

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