26th May – Severn Trows and Wich Barges of the Salt Trade – Dr Malcolm Nixon

On Thursday 26 May we are fortunate to have Dr Malcolm Nixon as our speaker at Clent History society. He will be speaking about the Severn Trows, cargo boats unique to the Rivers Severn and Wye, and Wich barges, rather similar boats, used to transport salt from Droitwich to the River Severn.

Trows were able to ply their trade from Shrewsbury down to Bristol and even along the coasts of Devon and Cornwall. They had removable masts which allowed the trows to pass beneath the many bridges up and down the Severn.

This is sure to be a fascinating talk. Everyone is welcome to join us, members and non-members , at Clent Parish Hall, Church Avenue. (parking at the rear)

The meeting begins at 8pm but come early and browse through our a selection of our publications.

£2.50 (Price includes tea/coffee)


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